An apology, of sorts …

I once read, somewhere, that some people are natural bloggers and others are not. I think it was Dan Abnett. The bottom line is despite my intentions with this blog it’s petered out somewhat. I could blame part of it on the fact that when I got a new phone nine months ago I deliberately didn’t install all of the apps I’d had on the last. Fewer distractions, right? Well, yes and no.

Yes, having no Facebook or Twitter just a click away meant I would spend more time reading (and working, less inclination to scroll through feeds endlessly). The catch, not being able to proclaim my appreciation of whatever title I’d just finished reading, or film I’d seen. And that is a problem, because it’s nice being able to let someone know you’ve enjoyed their work.

Take this Christmas period, for example. I read Toby Venables’ two Guy of Gisburne novels, which completely flip the Robin Hood legend on its head. David Gilman’s The Last Horseman, set during the Boer War. And of course Uhtred of Bebbanburg, in Bernard Cornwell’s The Flame Bearer. I recommend these all, heartily, by the way.

old up! I hear you type. Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed that the “What I’m reading pages” have discreetly been added to over the year. How does that work?  Simple.  The truth is that with everything going on time catches up with you, and while I’ve tried to keep a record of all the new titles I’ve read in the odd five minutes it doesn’t include all the books I’ve read, or what I’ve made of them. Those I’ve borrowed, for example, or those old favourites we have, tomes for when we what to retreat somewhere familiar.

But enough excuses. Let’s just see if I can do better this year.




About Peter Smith

A voracious reader, Peter Smith is an editorial assistant with an unhealthy passion for tea, ballroom dancing, cake decorating (and eating), and photography. Fortunately not all at the same time.
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